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I was born in April 15th, 1997 in Bari, Italy. Since I was very young I have always felt music as a part of me, but I never understood what that part wanted to tell me, until I turned 18. On that day, I decided it was time to free those feelings I secretly kept in a box for so long: that is how “Kisnou” was born.
I can say mine was a good childhood, since I have had all the comforts every kid deserves, even if my personal life was full of failures, disappointments and depression. Music has been a refuge, a dear sister that held my hand and guided me through the dark, it is my muse.
I make music so that everyone can understand this power music has, in the hope of giving a new perspective, a new life to those who listen to my works.
In my sounds you might hear melancholy, memories, voices from the past and moments that are now gone, but also energy, peace and quietness.

I started releasing music in 2016, with the singles “Alive”, “The Awakening”, “My Love” and many more such as “Falling Deeper” and “Invictus”.

Kisnou comes from the word “Kismet” which means fate. I work hard to make my music tell stories and mark moments in people’s lives. I’m eternally grateful to every, single person who supported, supports and will support my music.

I work as a musician on my own, I mix and master my own tracks, but I also work as a mix / mastering engineer and I am able to make exclusive music or soundtracks.
Many of you have told me I am a genius, but I’m not gifted from a god nor alien, I’m just a human and I will always stay humble and respectful.

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